Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fabulously Bonkers

Spring is nearly upon us, and for those out there like me, this means dusting down the cobwebs on the shorts (yes those things) and considering freshening up the wardrobe with clothes less apt to covering the odd bit of bulge than the winter wardrobe so adequately provides for. 

I am a fairly sensible weight.  My BMI is healthy and I eat fairly well, though I do love cake and well, any manifestation of a carbohydrate.  I was not always so content with my body shape though.  Dodgy joints and a bout of inactivity as a student led me to a place where I was very definitely tubby and not very content at all.  I remember waking up alone one morning in November, 2003 and thinking, "I've had enough."

I became a Scottish Slimmers advocate.  It worked well for me and within 2 months I had curbed my appetite and shrunk my bum back into my size 12s and I've pretty much stayed there ever since through regular exercise and a better awareness of what I feed myself.  To make any positive change to your diet and fitness you have to accept responsibility for what you put in your mouth and how often you get up off your derriere.

Sadly, being good some of the time isn't working out too well for me at the moment.  The body is willing but the bones are not.  The chiropractor's bill is spiraling again and it may be time to take some of the beef off just to relieve the situation until I can get a sensible work out regime going again. 

So I found myself this morning wondering where I'd find the motivation to lose a few pounds and stop eating RUBBISH.  I considered the benefits of good old 'Fat Bastards' (my tongue in cheek pet name for Scottish Slimmers) vs the subsequent impact on my wallet.  Eating healthy and gym memberships take a toll on the personal finances.  Junk food and TV time are cheap.  I know from experience though that the sense of community at these types of meetings is awesome if you want to achieve a personal goal. 

Therefore, I have decided with the co-operation of MC and The Housemate to start FBs of my own.  Weekly we will get together and celebrate being Fabulous Beauties.  Unlike a slimming club you don't need to be looking to specifically lose weight: you just have to have an interest in healthy eating, attaining or maintaining personal fitness, achieving your own short and long term goals (be that personal, work, fitness or health related) and sharing your experiences and knowledge with other like minded people.

So, the FBs will be meeting at me casa either on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 8pm (depending on which day best suits the masses) and together we will be fabulous and financially better off.  Message me if you fancy it.

Who's afraid of the big bad shorts?