Monday, 7 February 2011

Vitamin D Deprived Bonkerdom

I'm very pleased to report that MC is almost fully recovered from the surgery to his spine which he underwent in October last year.  He has his mobility back and doesn't suffer the pins-and-needles and other nasty issues he had post his run in with a car whilst cycling to work in 2009.  Now, previous to said surgery he was something of an endorphin addict, training six days a week and competing strongly in Jiu Jitsu.  For the moment, he's allowed to swim, though I know he's desperate to get back to the mats.

Eager to be supportive (swimming isn't really his thing) and keen for motivational assistance to improve my own endorphin levels, I agreed to early morning swims on set days of the week.  And we've been doing quite well (with the exception of exam week through which I was nailed to a desk).  This morning however, the alarm went off at six o'clock to a backdrop of rain hammering on the window.  It was pitch black.  Never before has Monday morning sounded so inhospitable and miserable.  We murmured in unison that we'd swim tomorrow and promptly cowered in our cosy nest of duvet and went back to sleep.

It's damn near impossible to get into any kind of healthy living when your brain is telling you to hibernate and carb-load all the time.  In discussion on topic with the fine ladies at work recently we unanimously agreed that none of us had ever felt the effects of such a miserable and cold winter, to such a degree, in a very long time.  To my Antipodean friend, how oh how can you stand it?  Extortionate visa renewal?  I'd be packing a one way ticket back down under while dragging the man kicking and screaming in my suitcase!

SADS is a very real prospect for us Scots, what with our 2 point 5 seasons and 8 months of perpetual grey skies per year.  MC and I are heading to Canada to meet and spend time with his relatives in May, and then we're off to Turkey in September to spend some time at my Mum's place.  I've never looked forward to vacations, and summer in general, more.  Even if our Scottish summer is wet, our 18 hours of daylight will be a welcome sight for sore eyes.

When the alarm goes off at 6am tomorrow I'm going to visualise the radiating, warm-to-the-bone feeling that comes with basking in vitamin D (casperified in sunscreen, obviously).  Then, I'm going to get out of bed and go get fit with MC.  When those holidays arrive, I'm going to be fighting fit and ready for them. When the holidays are done and winter looms again, I'm buying a SAD alarm clock to help me get out my scratcher.

Alternative suggestions for winter survival on a postcard from a warm place, please.          

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