Sunday, 8 January 2012

13 Weeks Down

Asides from the back to work, it's been a great week.  On Wednesday, MC and I had our first scheduled ultrasound appointment.  How I wish it had been our first ultrasound.  It was a happy and relaxing occasion.  We both sat with goofy grins on our mugs while the sonographer chuckled about how our 'active' child was being somewhat obtuse and not staying in one place long enough to have its picture taken for measurements.  Little hands on little arms went like the clappers to the point where I wondered if it might be born with drumsticks already in hand.  The legs were largely a Road Runner-esque blur as it rolled round and round my insides.  "I don't envy you when you can start to feel this one," laughed the sonographer.  After a good twenty minutes or so, baby rolled head down and stopped moving for a short nap and the genial lady was able to take shots to take all the necessary measurements.  Now, we'd been given dates based on the size of the fetus early in the pregnancy at 5 and then at 8 weeks.  However, baby is now measuring on the long side so our official due date has been brought forward to 15th July.  Today we are 13 weeks pregnant and according to the all-knowing Baby Centre, in our second trimester.  I thought that was for next week but who am I to argue with the online baby centric bible?  It certainly makes me feel better about the size of the belly!

I feel like I can finally breathe again.  I'm sure very many pregnant ladies the world over would agree that those first 12 weeks don't feel like they are ever going to end.  From week five a combination of bleeding and never ceasing nausea made things more than a little stressful.  I remember my cousin telling me that all she could eat for the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy was supernoodles.  I shook my head and lectured her that babes needed healthy fats and vitamins and avocados etc. but let me tell you, never again.  I will listen with immense sympathy to anyone who is trying to eat every meal completely repulsed by food.  Reduced to pasta and cheese sandwiches for weeks on end (whilst feeling guilty about the complete lack of good nutrition for the munchkin the whole time), MC was my saviour.  If it hadn't been for him cooking or doing stuff I would have eaten a lot less and stuff just wouldn't have got done. 

I have to take a minute here to recommend Sea Bands.  They didn't take the nausea away but they made it possible to eat a little more regularly and to eat a slightly better variety (of pasta and sandwiches).  Usually when the going gets tough you make a cup of tea.  It's a well known fact that tea rights all wrongs.  Even this crutch was brutally ripped from my life.  

It was difficult, through the bonkerdom of the last thirteen weeks, to see ahead to a place where I would be able to sit and nosh sardines and smoothies, but we're here now.  After the turmoil of our early issues I refused to entertain baby things until the day of our scheduled scan.  There were sticky moments though - like every time someone called or wrote to say that they'd 'picked something up' for the baby.  Despite the midwife needing two goes again to get any blood out of me I practically skipped out of the hospital and off to pick up these cute little outfits that I'd seen in a sale.  (Yes, I know the Mummy one is a bit girlie but I don't care.  And anyway I have a feeling in my waters...)

MC and I have dealt with more stress in the last three months than I care to experience in the next three years.  So, even though there are so many things that should now be truly freaking me out, I'm happy to just spend the next three months content to be cooking.

Looking forward to finding out what we're having by late February and to MC and I taking what will probably be our last holiday as a two person family (if we can ever decide where we're going). 

Thirteen weeks of bonkerdom down, I wonder if it will be thirteen more before I can finally enjoy that cup of (decaf) tea...

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  1. Dawn - you write wonderfully. I love being able to share in these thoughts - keep on