Saturday, 18 February 2012

One Hot Rabbit, Business with Meerkats & Puppet Humour

It’s been an eventful few weeks.  Actually, maybe it only seems eventful to me because for the last two weeks I’ve been out my bed exploring the wonders of the world beyond daytime TV.  I am well.  Yipee!  Excepting the emergence of even more BELLY, I am almost my completely bonkers usual self again.  

So, as well as work, MC and I have been up to stuff.  A week past Thursday we went to see ‘Avenue Q’ at the Playhouse after a nice bite to eat at the Ghurkha Brigade over the road.  I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before.  It was immensely entertaining.  It was MC’s call to get tickets with our Christmas money from Mum and seen as I usually instigate our musical outings I was happy to go along with something of interest to him.  I knew nothing about it and as per my pregnant scatterbrained self, didn’t ever remember to get to with the Googling.  I assumed it was some pseudo-sci-fi-geeky-thing but curiosity eventually surfaced and I asked MC what we were going to see.  “Sesame Street for grown-ups,” was the reply.  

OK.  I was a huge fan of Sesame Street as a kid but wasn’t otherwise convinced that we were about to embark on a stonking evening of entertainment.  I was very happy to be wrong!  It was great fun.  I nearly ended myself when ‘trekkie monster’ started his ‘Internet is for Porn’ song.  Excerpt here:

The puppets are endearing, the handlers can sing and there’s a great energy about it.  Definitely not for the PC conscious and definitely not for children, but this is a brilliant bit of musical theatre – Go See It!

Last weekend was a bit of a laze fest.  Being back on my feet full time kind of wiped me out.  I was content to do not very much bar waddle to the shops on Sunday afternoon for some supplies.  It has started to occur to me that soon, after a week of work, my weekends will not be for relaxing: indeed they will not be for me at all.  I’m guessing it’s very normal to worry about becoming a parent.  When you’ve been responsible for only yourself for going on thirty years it’s hard to imagine letting go of your selfishness enough to be solely responsible for another being’s health, welfare and happiness.  But on the other hand I’m really looking forward to teaching the munchkin to play, talk, sing, dance and read, to going to soft-play and visiting with friends and family.    

On Valentine’s Day MC gave me a rabbit.

It’s not just any rabbit, not even just a cute rabbit - you put it in the microwave and heat it up and it smells of lavender.  It sure beats into the attic my ten year old bobbled and frayed hot water bottle.  In return I got him a mouthguard.  Who said romance is dead?  That’s exactly what he asked me for though.  It protects his nice straight white smile while he’s rolling around in those limb, elbow and knee jambalayas at Jiu Jitsu, so it’s a good bit kit in my book.

In other less exciting news we just sorted this year’s home insurance.  Not as groovy as singing puppets or as comforting as hot rabbits but it comes with a free meerkat toy which adds a delicious sense of immaturity to the otherwise arduous grown up task of spending money on something you can’t see and may never use.  We almost halved last years’ premium into the bargain too so I’m considering it one of the ‘ups’ of the week.  The fluffy toy arrival will mark the second in our family of meerkats, my Dad having provided the first at Christmas as a ‘just something to put to one side, not wanting to make it for anyone in particular in case it was bad luck or superstition or something’ kind of gift.  Obviously they will be the first of what I expect will be many soft toys for the munchkin.

The nursery is the next order of business.  Just waiting for some joiners to quote to sort the built in wardrobe and then we (well MC if I’m realistic) can start the fun bit of painting.  When we’re all cleaned up we can go cot and nursing chair shopping in the wonderful world of Gumtree.  

In the meantime, some more relaxation is on the cards: it’s Babymoon time.  We’re off this week (bar a day in my case) and we’re doing lunch with my Dad, a visit to the midwife, a visit to my friend and her new baby boy and two days at the Dunblane Hydro (as was – is now a ‘Doubletree by Hilton’ or some such thing).  We plan on swimming and reading and having a massage and eating and wandering the grounds and not drinking.  And we will have great babymoontastic fun doing not very much at all really.  It’s come at a great time as it’ll make this week fly by and then next week we have our 20 week scan where hopefully we’ll find out the gender of the munchkin!  Here's the just shy of 19 weeks belly:

And just in case all that talk of lazing around being pampered made you at all jealous, fret not.  Next week I’ll be sure to share with you news of our spa, but also of my visit to the dentist. 

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