Monday, 21 May 2012

Midwife Bashing

Just a brief blog today because I'm cheerie and too often I come on here for a good whingeing sesh.  First up, my own midwife has returned from her gallivanting and I didn't need to see the evil witch with the lack of social skills again at my appointment today.  Added to which, she didn't want to stick anything sharp in me - always a bonus.  Secondly, the sun is shining for the second consecutive day and despite the stitchy pains I did make it back into the office this morning: bye bye for now oh ye cabin fever.  Lastly (well I don't want to go on too much in case you get jealous) baby is the right size and head down.  So, all is well with the world and I wanted to share as I sit here with my cuppa tea and a macaroon cookie.

I can't tell you what a difference it makes to see a midwife who puts you at ease.  I had a list of questions as long as my arm last month and the woman I saw was so poe-faced that I didn't dare ask any of them!  Anytime I said anything by way of conversation that wasn't a direct question she just didn't respond.  I asked a sensible question (or so I thought) about the potential side-effects of the anti-D injection (which I had to have, ironically, because I'm a universal donor!) and the response was a shrug, a slight pause, and "It hurts?"  Yes indeed, her response came complete with question mark worthy inflection.  I heard "Why would you ask such a stupid question?"  I hated her more because she was right and it was quite frankly the nippiest jab I've had ever.  Really hope I don't happen across that woman when I'm in labour.  She might say something infuriating or informative like 'this will hurt' and I won't be able to hold my tongue. 

Anyway, my own regular midwife doesn't have a problem talking, in fact sometimes I struggle to get a word in sideways but that being said I always feel able to ask ridiculous questions of her.  Munchkin decided to demonstrate her affection for said midwife by giving her a good solid belly-lurch inducing kick when she dared try to work out which way up she was.

And so both of us have done a little midwife bashing today.  Here's hoping post macaroon sugar rush, that munchkin is as cheerie as me too.       

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